Why Bass Traps must be installed in your home studio?

Why Bass Traps must be installed in your home studio?

Why Bass Traps must be installed in your home studio?

Those who want to make a home studio will mainly consider a bedroom or a renovated garage.

Installing bass traps is essential in small-room studios.


Low frequencies in small rooms are easily problematic, and this is the top priority when we need to do room acoustic treatment.

Small rooms are too short in length, width, and ceiling dimensions to accommodate long wavelengths in low-frequency bands such as walls, floors, and ceilings.
The wavelength of 100 Hz is about 3.4 meters. Therefore, a small room less than 3.4 meters has a problem with playing or recording music that contains frequencies less than 100 Hz.
The low-band frequencies must be prevented from reflecting back and forth from walls and ceilings.
The workspace of most people trying to home recording is not free from this problem.
bass trap for dihedral cornerforoomaco triangular pyramid bass trap for trihedral corner

Bass traps reduce the amount of bass energy reflected into the room by absorbing the low-frequency bands in the space.

Low frequencies have the property of diffraction, which has the property of bending at the corner of space, causing the bass energy to clump and grow.
In general, a space designed with a rectangular parallelepiped structure has two critical spots.
It's the corners where the wall meets the wall (Dihedral Corner), and the points where two walls meet one ceiling or floor(Trihedral Corner).


install bass trap for ceiling corner
If you install bass traps at these two points to reduce bass energy, you will feel that your studio has improved by making the sound of your space clearer and reducing unnecessary bass and reflective sounds.
-Ted Kim