Super Chunk Bass Trap and Normal Bass Trap

Super Chunk Bass Trap and Normal Bass Trap

Super Chunk Bass Trap and Normal Bass Trap


About triangular type bass traps for corner

Low frequency causes acoustic problems at corners where walls meet, so if there is too much low sound in space, first install a Bass Trap to block the corner to absorb the low frequency.


The bass trap has a rectangular panel type and a triangular type to be installed in a corner.

bass trap air layer in corner
When the panel type Bass Trap is installed in the corner as shown in the picture, an empty space is created behind the Bass Trap to create an air layer.
In the past, many people used the panel-type Bass Trap installed and used it in corners, believing that it could absorb better if there were an air layer in the corner.
super chunk bass trap
However, it is better to fill the corner with sound-absorbing materials without putting an air layer. This is because the thicker the bass trap, the higher the low-frequency sound absorption exponentially.

The Bass Trap, designed in this way in the shape of a triangular pillar, was named Super Chunk Bass Trap.

Thickening the material is better for low-frequency sound absorption than having an air layer.
There were people who liked and disliked having an air layer, but now people are choosing to fill it with sound-absorbing materials without having an air layer.


super chunk bass trap dimension

For example, a Bass Trap with a front plate of 600 mm and a height of 1200 mm has a triangular comb face of about 435 mm, and a straight line distance from the front plate to the deepest part of the corner is about 350 mm. This is a very thick one, and it has a great effect on low-frequency absorption. This is because the low frequency physically has a longer wavelength, and the thicker the material, the lower the frequency to absorb.
If you feel stuffy because your space is too muddy causing low-frequencies, try Room Acoustic Treatment by installing an effective Bass Trap.


-Ted Kim