Exposing Acoustical Myths ~ Triple Leaf Effect 2~

Exposing Acoustical Myths ~ Triple Leaf Effect 2~

Exposing Acoustical Myths ~ Triple Leaf Effect 2~

Triple Leaf Effect 2 - Additional Ways to Improve Sound Insulation

In my last blog, I said that double walls are more soundproof than triple walls.
post : Exposing Acoustical Myths ~ Triple Leaf Effect ~

Here are some additional ways to increase sound insulation.

1. Thicken the Rockwool.

Use thicker Rockwool products
Usually, a 50mm thick Rockwool is used when a thin wall is erected, and a 100mm or 150mm product can be used to increase the sound insulation effect.

A thin single wall Rockwool 50mm
A thick single wall Rockwool 100mm
Thin double wall Rockwool 50mm + Air Layer + Rockwool 50mm
Thick double wall Rockwool 100mm + Air Layer + Rockwool 100mm
Ultra thick double wall Rockwool 150mm + Air Layer + Rockwool 150mm

2. Construct the double studs alternately.

staggered stud double leaf

Studs are construction materials used as supports to insert Rockwools and attach sound-insulating gypsum boards.
In fact, the stud itself does not help with soundproofing.
For this reason, 0.8mm metal studs are used rather than 38mm wood studs so that the studs occupy as little space as possible for sound insulation performance. (2x4)

If the studs face each other, unnecessary resonance sounds may occur, so install them by deflecting them so that they do not face each other.

3. Double stud with a crooked angle

staggered stud 2 double leafpentagon in rectangle

Instead of parallelizing the two walls composed of double walls, construction is done by making the wall facing the inside of the space crooked.
This is to disperse the resonance sound by making the two walls not parallel since resonance sound is naturally generated between the walls.
And in this case, it is a square shape when viewed from the outside of the space, but the inside can be made into an odd-shaped structure.

Similarly, when constructing the window as an extra layer, the double window has a better soundproof effect than the triple window.
It may be thought that the more windows there are, the higher the sound insulation effect, but like the wall, removing the resonance between the window and the window is the way to improve the sound insulation performance.

If you want to increase the soundproofing effect after double window construction, you can obtain a higher soundproofing effect by thickening the thickness of the window without multiple layers of window construction

-Ted Kim.