Correlation between room acoustic and soundproof

Correlation between room acoustic and soundproof

Correlation between room acoustic and soundproof


The space with good room acoustic treatment also has a soundproof effect on its own.

noise to neighbors
In fact, most musicians may think that soundproofing is more important than room acoustic treatment.
This is because you may worry that neighbors may suffer noise damage from the sound you record and practice.

However, if you do room acoustic treatment properly, you can also naturally achieve soundproofing effects.

I have said before that the room design should be an odd shape.
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When resonance noise occurs in a small room with a rectangular structure, the low-pitched resonance frequency of 100 Hz or lower is mainly generated, and in fact, these low frequencies are hard to soundproof.
Therefore, in a small room with a general tetragonal structure, low frequencies should be reduced first through a Bass trap.

triangular pyramid bass trap

High frequencies can be soundproofed relatively easily with Acoustic panels, curtains, glass, etc
However, It is not the case with a long wavelength and strong energy low frequencies.

Usually, rectangle rooms typically have up to 15 dB more low frequencies than pentagonal rooms.
But the problem is that these low frequencies are out of your control.
In the case of the speaker, you can control the low frequencies through EQ
Due to structural problems, low frequencies that occur in space itself will always cause you to hear an amplified low-pitched sound when you sing, play an instrument, or listen to music.
analog vu meter
How loud is 15 dB?
On DAWs such as Cubase, Logic Pro, and Pro Tools, when 6 dB is raised, people feel that the volume has doubled.
But in real space, three-dimensional space, when 3 dB increases, one feels that the volume of sound has doubled. 6 dB is 4 times and 9 dB is 8 times.
If you know the truth, you can feel how big a difference of 15 dB feels.

Therefore, if the room design is made into a pentagon, it means that the soundproof effect of up to 15 dB was obtained for free.


-Ted Kim